Veriswitch is a leading developer and provider of scalable, high performance carrier-grade Internet telephony switch technology delivering real-time telecom services with cloud scalability. With virtually no ceiling on CPS or ports, your platform will grow with you. Veriswitch’s virtual carrier infrastructure includes both network components and operational systems.

Scalability & Performance

Veriswitch's hosted switch platform leverages cloud computing architecture, enabling on-demand expansion of resources for rapid growth. Its high performance call processing capabilities can handle virtually unlimited CPS loads and port densities.

Real-time Reporting

Call details are immediately available to produce quick, accurate reporting on revenues, profits, call statistics, call volumes, and various metrics. Real-time reporting means you will have more control over your data and information to better manage your traffic.

Intuitive Web Interface

The UI was designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible while still being a powerful management tool. All aspects of your network can be managed from your browser, including customer management, billing, rates, routing, endpoint provisioning and network diagnostic tools all with as few mouse clicks and little navigation as possible.

Hosted Switch Solutions

A carrier grade “hosted switch” means never having to deal with the complexities and costs of deploying, managing and maintaining a full switching and carrier management infrastructure. Our solution is delivered as a ready-made, cost-effective virtual infrastructure set to go full-throttle once your platform is active.

Engineered Simplicity + Geographic Diversity
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Softswitch Software

Founded upon over 20 years of carrier industry experience and development, our software provides your company with a carrier-grade platform and support to run your business. We have developed and maintain a dependable carrier-grade network driven by rock-solid performance and dependability with limitless possibilities.

  • High Speed switching infrastructure.
  • Elastic infrastructure allows scaling up to meet your growth demands.
  • Cloud Architecture. Leverage cloud computing architecture for efficient capacity and resource management.
  • Rate Management. Simplified rate management lets you load and store rates ahead of their effective dates.
  • Realtime LCR. A few clicks of the mouse is all you need to provision a new client or vendor.
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Veriswitch is a provider of carrier-grade hosted switch platforms engineered for the telecom and carrier industry. Our experience and expertise has helped us develop a user interface and supporting software that takes the time consuming burden of switch infrastructure management off your plate so you can concentrate on building your business. If you are a wholesale/retail carrier or a telecommunications company, feel free to contact us to schedule a demo.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get a Veriswitch platform ?
New client platforms are usually provisioned and ready to go within 6 hours.
Can I add more ports ?
You can add additional ports at any time.
What if I need a custom report or feature ?
Veriswitch is always listening to clients and adding new features/reports. Chances are, if you need a feature or report our other clients may benefit from it as well.
Why do you not have pricing on your website ?
We treat every client individually. This allows us to give our clients the best pricing possible based on their project and requirements.